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Create a Loop Anime Vibe in 3 minutes

Creating a Vibe on OURSONG shouldn't take you more than a few easy steps. Any digital content can be turned in a Vibe (NFT)!
Cover Image
Loop Anime

Material Preparation

  • Please download and sign up for OURSONG and apply to become a CREATOR
    *You will receive a confirmation letter about 2-3 days after applying.
  • Name and description: Allows fans and collectors to get to know more about you and your creation.
  • Cover image: This is the visual representation of your Vibe on OURSONG.
  • Main content: This is the main part of what makes an Vibe , and the part presented on the blockchain, which in this case should be your animated work.

Upload all materials
with your account

*As an international competition, we recommend using English in your name and description.
Tap "Create," then follow the step-by-step instructions on the app, and you'll be releasing your Vibe in no time!

​*Requirements for Participation: More than one total issue, regardless of price, should be issued on the Thundercore blockchain as a TT1155 token. Apply 30% of your revenue share to the Creator “tokyo lofi” * Please #OURSONGLoFiAnime #SakugaKingGP * Please check out the tutorial below if you've got any questions.
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