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How to participate

1. Agree to the terms and retweet the announcement
2. Submit your application
3. Download music
4. Work on your animation!

☆ Important
You'll receive a nomination letter 2-3 days after submitting your application.

Please download and sign up for OURSONG after our nomination.

1. Issue your Vibe on OURSONG. (Please refer to the guide “How to create Vibes” for instructions.)

2. Tweet your Vibe with both hashtags: #SakugaKingGP #OURSONGLoFiAnime

*Deadline 2021/08/22 23:59:59 (JST)

* NFT issued by OURSONG is called Vibe.
* If you apply for multiple works, you can participate by executing only ③ from the second work.
* Skip this step if you're already a creator on OURSONG.


Agree to the terms to download music.

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